Question: Do You Have To Know Spanish To Be Border Patrol?

How much does a Border Patrol make an hour?

How much does US Customs and Border Protection pay hourly.

296 US Customs and Border Protection employees have shared their salaries on Glassdoor….US Customs and Border Protection Salaries.Job TitleSalaryCBP Officer salaries – 4 salaries reported$25/hrCBP Technician salaries – 2 salaries reported$18/hr13 more rows•Nov 12, 2020.

How hard is Border Patrol Academy?

The Border Patrol Academy is one of the toughest law enforcement academies in the nation. … The curriculum amounts to 940 hours of rigorous instruction in physical fitness, immigration law, firearms use, and driving, among other areas.

How dangerous is Border Patrol?

The deadliest year was 2004 when 3 agents died out of 10,819, producing a death rate of one in 3,606 that year. From 2003 through 2019, the annual chance of a Border Patrol agent dying in the line of duty was about one in 8,628 per year. Furthermore, the number of deaths per apprehension is also low.

What is the hardest law enforcement academy?

Agents attend the U.S. Border Patrol Academy in New Mexico. The academy is known as one of the toughest law enforcement academies in the country, and all graduates must be able to speak Spanish functionally before they report for their first duty assignment.

How long is the Customs Academy?

The CBP Officer Basic Training Program (CBPOBT) is an 89-day training program conducted in Glynco, Georgia.

What is the starting pay for a Border Patrol agent?

Start as a BPA in June 2020 as a GL-7 and make $49,016 – $77,484 per year.

What happens if I fail the Border Patrol test?

If you fail the polygraph, or lie-detector, test, you can actually still be hired. Your polygraph results will be “adjudicated” with the rest of your background information to determine if you are suitable.

Does CBP pay for housing?

For new or recently relocated customs and border patrol personnel, the U.S. Defense Department has a government housing per diem allotment it grants to personnel who don’t live in the area and who have a temporary work assignment in the area, are in the area for training or who have been recently relocated to the area.

Is Border Patrol still hiring?

COVID-19 Notification: CBP is still hiring! CBP is hiring U.S. Border Patrol agents, CBP Officers, Air Interdiction agents and other positions. … APPLY NOW – To start your application for a CBP position, follow the steps below.

Do you have to have a degree to be a Border Patrol agent?

A degree is not required to become a Border Patrol agent. … You must successfully pass the CBP Border Patrol entrance exam, a three-part test that assesses your ability to reason, ability to learn a foreign language and the relevance of your past experience.

Will PTSD disqualify me from border patrol?

As a CBP employee, I can tell you that yes, you can. director who holds a 70% rating for PTSD. … As long as you can pass the other physical requirements and screening processes, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Can you become a Border Patrol agent with no experience?

An applicant without prior experience must have at least a full year of graduate education in law or a law enforcement-related field, such as criminal justice, justice administration, or police science. … They must be familiar with law enforcements databases and information retrieval systems.

What disqualifies you from being a Border Patrol agent?

You may be rated unsuitable for the Border Patrol Agent position if your background includes: Use of illegal drugs, and/or the sale and distribution of illegal drugs. View our FAQ on prior illegal drug use. Convictions (including misdemeanor domestic violence charges)

How long is the hiring process for border patrol?

CBP’s current average time to hire for Officers and Agents is 300 days. The Fast Track Hiring Process is aimed at reducing the time to hire to 120 days or less.

How long is Border Patrol Academy 2020?

122 hoursThe Border Patrol Academy Operations program consists of 122 hours that focus on the latest technologies and skill-sets to safeguard America and secure our Nation’s borders.