Quick Answer: Do You Think McDonaldization Is A Rational Or An Irrational Process?

What is the McDonaldization process?

The process of McDonaldization can be summarized as the way in which “the principles of the fast-food restaurant are coming to dominate more and more sectors of recent idea about the worldwide homogenization of cultures due to globalization.


What does the rationality of irrationality mean?

Most specifically, irrationality means that rational systems are unreasonable systems– they serve to deny the basic humanity, the human reason, of the people who work within them or are served by them. In other words, rational systems are dehumanizing systems.

Is 0 irrational or rational?

Zero Is a Rational Number As such, if the numerator is zero (0), and the denominator is any non-zero integer, the resulting quotient is itself zero.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Mcdonaldization?

Clearly, and very generally, there are advantages and disadvantages to these four dimensions: advantages point to profit-making and customer satisfaction to a certain extent; disadvantages to workers’ and customers’ personal preferences, food safety and quality.

What is the impact of McDonaldization?

While McDonaldization has resulted in improved profits and an increased availability of various goods and services to more people worldwide, it has also reduced the variety of goods available in the marketplace while rendering available products uniform, generic, and bland.

How does McDonaldization affect the way you learn?

Ritzer outlines four characteristics of this mechanistic worldview: efficiency, predictability, calculability (quantifiable results) and control — or at least the illusion of control. In regards to education, McDonaldization attempts to wipe out any of the messiness or inefficiencies of learning.

Why is McDonaldization bad?

A disadvantage of McDonaldization would be the quality of the product, because fast-food restaurants simplify products. For example, instead of using healthier food, the company will buy the cheapest food to cook faster meals. Fewer ingredients for the meal the simpler to prepare, serve, and eat.

What are the 4 elements of McDonaldization?

According to Ritzer, McDonaldization is comprised of four main components: efficiency, calculability, predictability, and control. The first one, efficiency, is the optimal method for accomplishing a task.

How do you deal with McDonaldization?

Ways to Cope with McDonaldization. For those of you who can afford it, avoid living in apartments or tract houses. Try to live in an atypical environment, preferably one you have built yourself or have had built for you. If you must live in an apartment or a tract house, humanize and individualize it.

What is irrational behavior?

Irrational behavior is one of the most difficult behaviors to deal with. When someone is being irrational, they don’t listen to reason, logic, or even common sense. … And until that need is fulfilled, or they snap out of it, the irrational person can be unpredictable and sometimes even dangerous.

What are the characteristics of McDonaldization?

Ritzer outlines five dominant themes within this McDonaldization process: Efficiency, Calculability, Predictability, Increased Control, and the Replacement of Human by Non-human Technology. Efficiency means the choosing of means to reach a specific end rapidly, with the least amount of cost or effort.

Is McDonaldization rational or irrational?

In the framework of McDonaldization, the CSA model seems quite irrational. And yet, the results are undeniably rational.

What is an example of McDonaldization?

For example, McDonaldization can be traced in food industry (in a larger scope), culture, globalization and education/higher education. An example of “Mcculture” is the shopping experience, whether it is grocery or clothes.

Why is McDonaldization equated with globalization?

McDonaldization is a by-product of “Americanization” or “Westernization” which is a part of the wider phenomenon of Globalization. The terms are used to refer to the influence that USA has all over the world and the American mania of rationalization in every sphere of life.

What is control in McDonaldization?

Control – McDonaldization involves the search for the means to exert increasing control over both employees and customers. … The customer is told what to do by having to pick up their own food at the register and clean up after themselves.