Quick Answer: Does Liam Kill Scott?

Is Liam stronger than Scott?

Liam was stronger than usual.

With his werewolf powers from the Supermoon and his anger, he was almost stronger than Scott and nearly took him down.

Scott was already weak with wolfsbane in his system (Thanks to that jerk, Theo.) …

Liam is Scott’s first beta and he takes care after him..

Who does Liam Dunbar end up with?

In Season 5, Liam reveals his supernatural life to Mason and fixes his negative history with Hayden Romero, falling in love with her. He is manipulated by Theo Raeken over Hayden’s life being threatened by the Dread Doctors, falling victim to the supermoon and tries to kill Scott in his rage.

Is Scott the strongest alpha?

Scott is not strong. Matter of fact his proably the weakest alpha in the show. He got his ass kicked by his own beta(liam). He got beat up by Kincaid an Omega.

Why is Liam so strong?

Liam has IED, which causes him to have major anger issues, though he seems to have mellowed out quite a bit. That is the source of his anger. … Sorry to shatter this, but Derek already stated that all of Liam’s anger problems (ied thing) will make him a very powerful beta.

Does Theo kill Scott?

Theo returned to Beacon Hills for his senior year of high school, claiming that he had heard Scott had become a True Alpha and wanted to join his pack. … Theo’s plans went awry and he ended up killing Scott (who was revived only a few minutes later) but not being able to absorb his powers.

Does Scott bite Liam?

Season 4. In a fight with a Wendigo, Scott bites Liam in order to save him from falling from the roof of the hospital. He has trouble adjusting to being a werewolf and the world of the supernatural.

Does Liam steal Scott’s power?

(“Smoke and Mirrors”) Theo Raeken intended to become an Alpha and a real Werewolf by manipulating Liam Dunbar, who was then the only bitten Beta of True Alpha Scott McCall, into killing Scott and stealing his power, which would then allow Theo to kill Liam and steal the Alpha power from him.

Did Cora Hale die?

Peter puts Cora down on a gurney. She is then taken to the ambulance where she waits with Stiles. She dies and Stiles has to do mouth to mouth to revive her.

Is Scott still a true alpha after biting Liam?

Scott is still a true alpha because Liam was not innocent as he destroyed his coaches car and resulted into an expultion.