Quick Answer: What Is A Sixer Drink?

What is the slang word for drunk?

blitzed (slang) pissed (British, Australian, New Zealand, slang) He was just lying there completely pissed.

blatted (British, slang) boozed-up (slang).

What does art3mis look like?

In the book, Wade describes Art3mis’ avatar as raven-haired and beautiful. She has a pretty face: hazel eyes, a pointy chin, rounded cheekbones, and a perpetual smirk. He also adds that her features look realistic, in comparison to the other avatars, as if her actual face had been scanned into OASIS as a skin.

Who is Nolan Sorrento avatar?

Nolan Sorrento is the head of Innovative Online Industries and the main antagonist of Ready Player One. His objective is to find Halliday’s Easter Egg by any means necessary so that he may take over and monetize the OASIS.

How does it feel being drunk?

You might become emotionally unstable and get easily excited or saddened. You might lose your coordination and have trouble making judgment calls and remembering things. You might have blurry vision and lose your balance. You may also feel tired or drowsy.

What is a Sixer slang?

: a leader of a six in a pack of brownie scouts in the Girl Guide movement in Britain, Canada, and various other countries.

What is another name for beer?

In this page you can discover 45 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for beer, like: slops, malt beverage, brew, the amber brew, brewskie, malt-liquor, ale, barley, beverage, bock and bottled.

Is Sixer a Scrabble word?

SIXER is a valid scrabble word.

Why is IOI called Sixers?

The Sixers (Refered to as Sux0rz in the book) are a section of IOI who concentrate on completing Halliday’s Easter Egg Hunt. They are called Sixers because each employee has an employee number and avatar name that is six digits long and starts with the number six.

What does Nolan Sorrento plan to do if he finds the egg?

According to Wade, if IOI finds the egg, then OASIS, would “become a corporate-run dystopia, an overpriced theme park for wealthy elitists” (2.32). In other words, it would become the real world, and since the OASIS is an escape from the real world, no one wants that.

How do you say I’m drunk?

Ways of saying someone is drunkTipsy.Merry.Pissed / sloshed.Tanked up.Drunk as a skunk.Legless.Wrecked / hammered.Out for the count.More items…

What means drunk?

1a : having the faculties impaired by alcohol. b : having a level of alcohol in the blood that exceeds a maximum prescribed by law legally drunk. 2 : dominated by an intense feeling drunk with rage. 3 : relating to, caused by, or characterized by intoxication : drunken drunk driving.