Quick Answer: Why Is It Called The Devil’S Bridge?

Has anyone died at Devil’s Bridge?

Accidents and Deaths Only two deaths have been recorded online from falls on this hike, and (surprisingly?) only one involved a fall from the actual bridge..

Do you need a pass for Devil’s Bridge?

Red Rock Pass: You will need to purchase a Red Rock Pass for this hike. The day pass costs $5 and you display it in your car window at the parking lot.

What does Kromlau mean?

Kromlau, Lower Silesia, is a community of the Saxon municipality of Gablenz in the district of Görlitz. The village in the Sorbian settlement area of the Upper Lusatia is mainly known for the Azalea and Rhododendron Park Kromlau, the largest rhododendron park in Germany, and its “Devil’s Bridge” (Rakotzbrücke).

How do you get to Kromlau Germany?

By public transportation: From Berlin, take the train to Cottbus and transfer to a second train to Weißwasser. Then take bus 257 to Kromlau. From Kromlau, it is a 1 km walk to Kromlau Park. It takes approximately three hours to get from Berlin to Kromlau.

Is Devil’s Bridge dangerous?

The trail is pretty easy up until you start getting close to the end. It gets pretty steep but there are stair-like rocks in place to make it easier. Once you get to the Devil’s Bridge, it’s worth the hike. Just be cautious, it is dangerous; just because there are no fences or signs to warn you–you need to take care.

How long is Devil’s Bridge?

4.5 milesDevil’s Bridge is located in Coconino National Forest. The trailhead is on an elevation of 4,600 ft and it is 4.5 miles (round trip) long. The elevation gain is 696 ft.

How did Devil’s Bridge get its name?

The name in 1629 was Pont ar Vynach or Pontarfynach, meaning Bridge over the Mynach. The word Mynach is Welsh for monk; one theory is that the river got its name from the fact that it was near land owned by a monastery.

Who built the Devil’s Bridge in Germany?

Friedrich Hermann RotschkeRakotzbrucke is the most panoramic of all Devil’s bridges in the world. The park was commissioned by the knight of Kromlau and a nature lover in the 19th century, Friedrich Hermann Rotschke.

Where is this perfectly arched bridge?

Tucked away in the lush gardens of Kromlau in Saxony, a perfectly arched bridge draws tourists and professional photographers to the site who marvel at the perfect circle that the reflection of the stone arch creates in the water.

How tall is Devil’s Bridge?

about 54 feet tallDevil’s bridge is about 54 feet tall, 5 feet wide, and 45 feet long.

How do I get to the Devils Bridge from Berlin?

Take the train to Weißwasser (via Cottbus if coming from Berlin, or you can access this easily enough from Dresden). Then take Bus 257 to Kromlau, Gablenz, and walk from there about 1km to the bridge. Download the location onto your phone before you go since cell service is spotty.

Is Devil’s Bridge Safe?

Quite a bit, as many hikers have found out when they see the thin archway of Devil’s Bridge Trail. The natural “bridge” is safe enough, with a little common sense, but can be frightening for those with a fear of heights. Surprisingly, it’s actually a relatively short and easy hike with a grand finale like no other.