What Are The 7 Days After Valentine Day Called?

What comes after Valentine’s?

This week is completely different to Valentine Week and is all about negative feelings related to loev and romance.

The week begins with Slap Day on February 15 and ends with Breakup Day that falls on February 21..

What are the 7 days after Valentine’s Day?

We also tell you the meaning for each day below.7th Feb– Rose Day-Tuesday.8th Feb– Propose Day-Wednesday.9th Feb– Chocolate Day-Thursday.10th Feb– Teddy Day- Friday.11th Feb– Promise Day- Saturday.12th Feb– Kiss Day- Sunday.13th Feb– Hug Day- Monday.14th Feb– Valentines day- Tuesday.More items…

What are the 14 days of Valentine?

It’s one of my favorite little traditions! If you’ve never heard of it before, the 14 Days of Valentine’s is pretty straightforward. Basically, from February 1st through the 14th, you come up with a gift of some kind for the special person or people in your life. It works for partners, children, or friends!

What is kick Day?

Every year, Valentine’s Day is celebrated after Valentine’s Week. Today is the second day of Anti Valentine Week which is celebrated on 16 February. This day is celebrated as ‘Kick Day’ and on this day everyone considers a couple to be a kick. If you don’t have a person to kick, then you can kick your bad habits.

What are the days before and after Valentine’s Day?

So this year, under Valentine Week, lovers couples have given Rose Day on 7 February, Propose Day on 8 February, Chocolate Day on 9 February, Teddy Day on 10 February, Promise Day on 11 February, Hug Day (Jhappi) on 12 February, Kiss Day was celebrated on February 13 but now after February 14 i.e. Valentine’s Day, ‘ …

Which day is kick Day in 2020?

16 February 20202020 Anti-Valentine Week List, 2020 Slap Day, Kick Day, Breakup Day Date CalendarName of EventDate of EventSlap Day15 February 2020Kick Day16 February 2020Perfume Day17 February 2020Flirting Day18 February 20204 more rows