What Is The Core Values Of PNP?

What is the meaning of PNP mission?

Mission To enforce the lawPNP Mission To enforce the law, to prevent and control crimes, to maintain peace and order, and to ensure public safety and internal security with the active support of the community..

What are the units of PNP?

The twelve (12) operational support units and their respective functions are as follows:Maritime Group (MG). … Intelligence Group (IG). … Police Security and Protection Group (PSPG). … Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG). … Special Action Force (SAF). … Aviation Security Group (AVEGROUP).More items…

What is your role in PNP Patrol Plan 2030?

– The PNP PATROL Plan 2030 or PNP Peace and Order Agenda for Transformation and Upholding of the Rule of Law is the organization’s strategy endeavors for real and lasting transformation through adaptation of the Balanced Scorecard as a management and measurement tool in order to attain its vision of becoming a Highly …

Is airport police under PNP?

The Philippine National Police Aviation Security Group (PNP-AVSEGROUP) are responsible in securing all the country’s airports against offensive and terroristic acts that threaten civil aviation, in exercising operational control and supervision over all agencies involved in airport security operations, and enforce all …

What does the PNP badge symbolizes?

Philippine Monkey Eating Eagle The National Bird – symbol of swiftness and ferocity, power, courage and immortality. PNP Shield – Symbol of protection of all citizens. … Eight Sun Rays – Represents the eight (8) provinces whose ideals of courage, gallantry patriotism led to their revolt against Spain.

What is the motto of the PNP?

To Serve and ProtectPhilippine National PolicePhilippine National Police Pambansang Pulisya ng PilipinasBadgeAbbreviationPNPMottoTo Serve and Protect. Service, Honor, Justice.Agency overview14 more rows

Who is the father of PNP?

Captain Henry T. AllenCaptain Henry T. Allen of the 6th U.S. Cavalry, a Kentucky-born graduate of West Point (Class 1882), was named as the chief of the force, and was later dubbed as the “Father of the Philippine Constabulary”.

Who is the first chief PNP?

Cesar P. NazarenoList of ChiefBil.NameTerm of Office1.Cesar P. Nazareno [4]28 August 19922.Raul S. Imperial [4]6 May 19933.Umberto Rodriguez [4]8 July 19944.Recaredo Arevalo Sarmieno II [4]199712 more rows

How do I become a PNP officer?

The appointment and recruitment requirements are:Must be a Filipino citizen.Not more than 30 years old.At least 1.62 meters height (Male) / 1.57 (Female)At least 1.52 meters height (Male) / 1.45 (Female) if member of Indigenous communities.With Bachelor’s Degree.With good moral character.More items…

How many directorial staff are there in PNP?

The directorial staff of the PNP shall consist of the eleven (11) directorates, each headed by a Police Director.

How many generals are there in PNP?

146 generalsThe PNP, on the other hand, has 192,000 uniformed personnel in August 2019 but it has only 146 generals. The PNP has a current authorized strength of 220,000. “The reorganization and restructuring are important to create more positions, more promotions for incoming colonels and generals,” said Cascolan.

What is the mission and vision of PNP?

Our Mission The PNP shall enforce the law, prevent and control crimes, maintain peace and order, and ensure public safety and internal security with the active support of the community.

Who is the current PNP chief 2020?

Camilo CascolanCamilo Cascolan has been appointed by President Rodrigo Roa Duterte to be the new Chief of the Philippine National Police effective tomorrow, September 2, 2020.

What are the new ranks of PNP?

Under the new law, the PNP rank classification will still be distinct because the ranks will be preceded by the word “Police” as follows: Director-General to Police General; Deputy Director-General to Police Lieutenant General; Director to Police Major General; Chief Superintendent to Police Brigadier General; Senior …

When was PNP created?

January 29, 1991Philippine National Police/Founded