Which Area Is Best In Hyderabad?

How can I meet Prabhas?

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Where is chiranjeevi house in Hyderabad?

Residential house at 303N , road no 25, jubilee hills, hyderabad -34, A.P.

Is Hyderabad cheaper than Bangalore?

You would need around 101,065.51₹ in Hyderabad to maintain the same standard of life that you can have with 110,000.00₹ in Bangalore (assuming you rent in both cities). This calculation uses our Cost of Living Plus Rent Index to compare cost of living.

Who is richest in Telangana?

He is the current richest Member of Indian Parliament from Telangana with declared assets of worth INR 528 cr according to Deccan Chronicle. He is married to Sangita Reddy, daughter of Apollo Hospitals founder Prathap C. Reddy.

What Hyderabad is famous for?

Top 30 Places to Visit in HyderabadGolconda Fort.The Charminar.Mecca Masjid.Qutb Shahi Tombs.Hussain Sagar Lake.Ramoji Film City.Salar Jung Museum.Chowmahalla Palace.More items…

Which is the best residential area in Hyderabad?

Here is the list of best areas to live in Hyderabad for bachelors and families:Uppal. Uppal Kalan is a neighborhood locality which is located in East Hyderabad. … Madhapur. Madhapur is a suburb which is located at the heart of Hitech City. … Banjara Hills. … Ameerpet. … Begumpet. … Somajiguda. … Gachibowli. … Manikonda.More items…•

How can I meet Allu Arjun?

If You Want TO Meet Allu Arjun you can meet at his house or at Geetha arts office.you can meet or see him for their new movie launching or His Birthdays or National Festivals.So Mostly they won’t allow you to meet.

Which is the safest city in India?

KOLKATA: Kolkata has gained the top spot in the list of the country’s safest cities for the second consecutive year, with the lowest rate of cognizable offences recorded from here, according to the just-released 2018 National Crime Records Bureau report.

Which is the richest area in Hyderabad?

5 posh areas in HyderabadBanjara Hills.Jubilee Hills.Gachibowli.HITEC City.Manikonda.

Who is the richest person in Hyderabad?

Meet The Top 8 Billionaires Of Hyderabad & Their Rank In Global Billionaires ListMurali Divi – Net Worth 4.3 Billion USD (3,16,56,81,50,000.00 INR) … P. … P.V. Krishna Reddy – Net Worth – 1.8 Billion USD ( 1,32,60,51,00,000.00) … PV Ramprasad Reddy – Net Worth – 1.8 Billion USD ( 1,32,60,51,00,000.00)More items…•

What is the main religion in Hyderabad?

Ethnic groups, Language and ReligionReligions in Greater Hyderabad CityReligionPercentHindus64.93%Muslims30.13%Christians2.75%2 more rows

Which is the No 1 city in India?

ListRankCityState or union territory1MumbaiMaharashtra2DelhiDelhi3BangaloreKarnataka4HyderabadTelangana90 more rows

Are Oyo rooms safe in Hyderabad?

Yes. OYO provides safe and secure hotels to unmarried couples. Most OYO hotels allow unmarried couples and accept local IDs; they have well-trained staff who ensure safety and privacy.

How can I spend 2 days in Hyderabad?

DAY 1 : CHARMINAR – SALAR JUNG MUSEUM – LUMBINI PARK1 Charminar. Historical & Heritage. Duration of visit: 1-2 Hours. … 2 Chowmahalla Palace. Historical & Heritage. Duration of visit: 1-2 Hours. … 3 Salar Jung Museum. Museum & Gallery. Duration of visit: 3 Hours. … 4 Lumbini Park. Park. … 5 Buddha Statue. Historical & Heritage.

Which area is Centre of Hyderabad?

The city center saw a shift to the north of the river, with the construction of many government buildings and landmarks. Hyderabad and Secunderabad are called as ‘Twin cities’ as they are closely linked with each other. A man made lake, known as the Hussain Sagar Lake, separates the two cities.

Where do celebrities live in Hyderabad?

Celebs who have made Hyderabad their homeMahesh Babu. The Most Desirable Man of India of 2013 made Film Nagar his home, where he lives with his family. … Akkineni Nagarjuna. One of the most well known Tollywood face in Bollywood, Nagarjuna is an owner of a lavish bungalow in Jubilee Hills at Road No. … Chiranjeevi.

Which city is better Hyderabad or Chennai?

Bangalore is better than Hyderabad in this context. Chennai is spacious road-wise, as compared to Bangalore and Hyderabad but almost same as Pune except hardcore south indian culture. Main city area (or old city area) of all four cities reflect their respective cultures. Bangalore is equally scattered though.

Which is the best city in Hyderabad?

The City of Nizams, Hyderabad, is now ranked the best city in India to work and live. In a survey conducted by Holidify, the capital city of Telangana bagged the top spot. Best Cities To Live In India 2020, listed 34 cities across the country.