Why Do Recruitment Agencies Need My Passport?

Is it OK to send picture of passport?


There really is very little information on a photo copy of a passport.

Name, picture, no home address, no SS number, etc.

Send it..

Is it worth using a recruitment agency?

You’re an entry level job seeker. … But most companies won’t pay recruiting agencies to fill entry level jobs because they can find enough people on their own. (Remember, employers pay a 15-25% fee if they hire someone through a recruiter, so they have to decide if it’s worth it for each job!)

Is there a lot of money in recruitment?

You can earn some serious money in recruitment in a pretty short period of time. Yes OTEs (on target earnings) that sound amazing get banded around a lot.

Are recruitment agencies a waste of time?

Recruitment agencies are a total waste of time, about the only thing they’re good for is registering with to show the Job Centre that you’re “earning” your dole money. … I have several friends in recruitment, and there are jobs out there but they aren’t as plentiful as they were a couple of years back.

What can someone do with copy of passport?

Security experts warned that getting hold of a cloned passport was like ‘gold’ to terrorists and criminals, allowing them to assume the identities of law- abiding citizens to fraudulently get jobs, open bank accounts and even travel in and out of the country untraced.

Are recruitment agencies bad?

Interestingly, the problem with staffing agencies does not lie in bad experiences, but with their public image. It has been reported that 74% of candidates that use staffing agencies have good experiences. However, only 18% of candidates think about using staffing agencies when looking for a new job.

Can my employer keep a copy of my passport Australia?

Yes, but only temporarily. There is no explicit rule in the Privacy Act against making and retaining copies of passports, driver’s licence or birth certificates, but there is usually no reason for an employer to keep those copies once they have been able to confirm a person’s identity (information privacy principle 9).

Is it better to apply directly or through a recruiter?

When you reach out to your hiring manager directly, your price tag is lower because there’s no recruiting fee for your next boss to pay on top of your salary. Recruiters only work on actual job openings, and in particular on job openings that employers haven’t been able to fill on their own.

Can your identity be stolen from your passport?

Passports numbers can be used in conjunction with other pieces of personally identifiable information (PII) to commit criminal identity theft.

What questions are employers not allowed to ask?

Other illegal job interview questions that are deemed off limits under state and federal law include categories such as sexual orientation, citizenship, religious practices and religious holidays, ethnicity, physical or mental disabilities, conviction and arrest record, military discharge status, gender, pregnancy …

What Cannot be asked on a job application?

Questions should focus on job-related issues and protect the privacy and employment rights of all applicants. It’s illegal to ask about certain characteristics protected by law such as gender, age, race, religion, national origin, disability or marital status.

Why do recruitment agencies never get back to you?

In some cases, it may be a lack of understanding on how the recruiting agency works. In other cases, it may be simply be that the recruiting agency is truly ‘dropping the ball’. 1) You applied to a recruiting agency, but they never called.

Do recruiters post fake jobs?

Companies and recruiters are directly encouraged to promote, refresh and post fake jobs. It’s so easy; why not? Some recruitment companies even train their recruiters to post fake jobs to build their network.

Can a recruiter ask your age?

Workers over 40 are protected by the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), so asking for their age is like asking for a lawsuit. You can, however, ask whether a job candidate is 18 or older, since their status as a legal adult may be an important legal factor in the job.

Is it dangerous to send copy of passport?

Sending a scanned copy of your passport over email may not be the most dangerous thing that you can do, but you need to be careful nonetheless. … Malware, or malicious software, on your phone or on the recipient’s device can easily read your emails and download attachments.

Can your boss look through your desk?

Employers can usually search an employee’s workspace, including their desk, office or lockers. The workspace technically belongs to the employer, and courts have found that employees do not have an expectation of privacy in these areas.

Why do recruitment agencies ask for passport Australia?

Employers have a legal obligation to employ only people with the right to work in Australia. This is why they ask to see and take copies of passports and identity documents.

What are the disadvantages of using a recruitment agency?

There are 3 main disadvantages of using a recruitment agency:Higher cost.No cultural fit assessment.Lack of employer branding.